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Blue Jacket & Daniel Boone:

Their Life, Their Choice!

Perfect for students studying their early state history! Learn why the Native Americans and the Europeans fought over the Ohio Valley. Students march in the footsteps of Gen. Braddock as the English try to beat the French to the "Forks of the Ohio" (Pittsburgh). This program examines the difference between oral and written history through the sometimes controversial life "histories" of Blue Jacket, a Shawnee war chief, and Daniel Boone, an American legend.

School Programs

Target Grade Level:

1.  Fourth grade and above.  Teaches specific history for statehood classes.

2.  Junior High & High School.  Topics and style of delivery are adjusted for higher level discussions.

Length of program:  Approximately one hour. Many teachers choose to extend the program by bringing the artist with hands-on items used by the early settlers to their classrooms.

Program Objectives:

1.  Identify early inhabitants of Ohio Valley.

2.  Explore history through the eyes of another culture and understand the political conditions that led to conflict.  Students will hear the early history of the Ohio Valley as told from the Shawnee viewpoint.

3.  Discover American heroes.  Blue Jacket was a war chief of the Shawnee.  Daniel Boone was a “war chief” for the settlers.  According to the legend, both were born in Pennsylvania.  Both were captured and adopted by the Shawnee Indians.  Both led their armies as the war was fought over supremacy of the Ohio River valley.

4.  Compare and contrast musical expressions.  Students will hear Indian flute, guitar, tin whistle and vocal music.

5.  Elementary level learn the difference between oral and written history.  Students are encouraged to discover and record their family history.  Jr. High and H.S. level, examine the legend of Blue Jacket as told by oral historians and compared to written records.  Where does history end and legend begin?

6.  Heighten interest in history.

- Blue Jacket & Daniel Boone

- Frontier Families

- The Frontiers “Woman”

- Underground Railroad

- Artistic Residencies

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