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Frontier Families

Family life is the focus of this program about the Native Americans, African Americans, and Europeans who made the frontier their home. To live in the forests, newcomers had to learn how to use the skills mastered by the Native Americans. Students participate in authentic songs and games as they learn about frontier homes, schools, food, and clothing and discover how much we all have in common.

Target Grade Level:  K - 6

Most often used for younger grade levels or across grade assemblies. Content appropriate for older students but teachers often choose other programs of more specific history for 4 - 6 grades.

Length of program:  One hour includes time for questions and answers.

Program Objectives:

1.  Compare cultural similarities in frontier family needs – food, clothing, housing.

2.  Compare the importance and accuracy of oral versus written history.  Students are encouraged to collect family stories.

3.  Compare and contrast methods of learning and early schools.  Students will participate in telling early stories and learning from riddles.

4.  Compare and contrast musical expressions.  Students will hear Indian flute, guitar, tin whistle and vocal music.

5.  Encourage more research.

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