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Underground Railroad Stories

Students will meet Rhial Cheadle, a conductor on the Underground Railroad. They will go back in time to 1859. With Rhial guidance, they will create an abolitionist society, elect officers, and debate possible solutions to the problem of slavery.

Target Grade Level:  4 - 12   The program is designed to fit the differing grade levels. Student led discussions create the appropriate level and atmosphere. If you teach lower grades and are interested in a program about African Americans, consider African American Frontier or Frontier Families.

Length of program: One full hour.  The depth of student discussions help determine length.

Program Objectives:

1.  Compare and contrast musical expressions. Discover how music was used to send coded messages.

2.  Develop problem solving skills. Slavery is a problem. It exists in the world today. What can your students do?

3.  Compare the importance and accuracy of oral versus written history. Students are encouraged to collect family stories.

4.  Encourage more research. Students are invited to participate in the current effort to identify houses and individuals which were involved with the Underground Railroad.

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