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Download more detailed versions of the Ohio and Kentucky Educational Content Standards on the

School Program Documents page

What is History?

     * Oral vs. Written

     * Past vs. Present

Who Makes History?

     * Family Lore & Biographies

     * Family Life & Housing Styles

Comparing & Contrasting Cultures

     * Native American, African American &         European Cultures

     * Roles of Men, Women & Children

Exploration & Discovery

     * Transportation & the

     * Importance of Rivers

     * Mapmaking & Trade Routes

Individual Actions & Responsibilities

     * Slavery and the Abolitionists

Historian & Educator

If you’ve seen one of Bob’s concerts, then you know that he loves history. What you may not know is that he is a historian who has spent much of his career writing, directing, and performing educational plays and shows for schools and the public. In fact, over the years, Bob has shared his love of history and learning with over 300,000 students across the Midwest.

Starting with Tecumseh! in 1980, Bob began to explore teaching history through theatre. He went on to direct the outdoor drama The Legend of Daniel Boone, and while there, he partnered with the Kentucky Arts Council, the Kentucky Humanities Council, and the Department of Parks to create Frontier Tales, a program that brought the history of Old Fort Harrod to life for thousands of Kentucky school children.

As a juried educational artist in both Ohio and Kentucky, Bob continued teaching children the love of history through stories, songs, and plays. His stories delve into life in history from the frontier with Daniel Boone to Ohio riverboats and the Underground Railroad. Students learn about historic garb and different instruments all while singing along or even taking part in the stories and demonstrations. These school performances give students and teachers a memorable taste of history and the arts alike.

Along with his school performances, Bob also created, wrote, performed, and directed school residencies that explore early American history with plays specially written for each school. These residencies guide students through all steps of the theatrical process from research to performance in an experiential learning adventure that leaves a lasting understanding beyond the scope of homework.

That’s what Bob likes best: bringing history to life through stories and songs and having fun while doing it. That’s why he named his business Bob Ford: Folklore & Fun!

Interested in booking a history performance or residency with Bob?

Contact him at bobfordmusic@gmail.com or (937) 766-3880.