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Music, History, Drama and Fun!  A Winning Combination!

 What if you could inspire your students to get excited about history-- while adding music and drama to your curriculum AND raising test scores! You can!

Introduce them to Bob Ford's world of Folklore & Fun!

Choose from these exciting programs.…

Blue Jacket & Daniel Boone:  Their Life; Their Choice

Their conflict begins with the French and Indian War.

Frontier Families

What we learned from the Native Americans living on the frontier.

The Frontiers “woman”

Yes, women were important in history.

Underground Railroad Stories

The Ohio River was freedom’s boundary and its barrier.

Artistic Residencies

Link above programs or create your own plays!

As a juried educational artist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council, Bob has some great programs for you. He sings the songs and tell the little known stories of the Native Americans, African Americans and Europeans who lived and fought over the Ohio River Valley. Each one is carefully researched, includes music and interactive drama, AND your students will laugh while they learn.

School Programs


Download more detailed versions of the Ohio and Kentucky Educational Content Standards on the

School Program Documents page

What is History?

     * Oral vs. Written

     * Past vs. Present

Who Makes History?

     * Family Lore & Biographies

     * Family Life & Housing Styles

Comparing & Contrasting Cultures

     * Native American, African American &         European Cultures

     * Roles of Men, Women & Children

Exploration & Discovery

     * Transportation & the

     * Importance of Rivers

     * Mapmaking & Trade Routes

Individual Actions & Responsibilities

     * Slavery and the Abolitionists