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The Frontiers “Woman”

Go beyond the "Missusses" of history -- Mrs. Boone, Mrs. Kenton, Mrs. Ingles-- and learn that the frontier women had their own names and their own stories. Examples include: Rebecca and Jemima Boone, wilderness survivalists; Mary Ingles, 800 mile marathoner; and "Mad" Anne Bailey, skilled frontier scout. The program includes a a frontier fashion show and a discussion of the barriers, the customs, and the dangers women faced.

Target Grade Level: K - 6

Length of program:  One hour.  Can be shortened if needed.

Program Objectives:

1.  Learn true stories of frontier women during 1700 & 1800’s.

2.  Explore cultural differences through clothing and frontier fashion show.

3.  Compare and contrast musical expressions.  Students will hear Indian flute, guitar, tin whistle and vocal music.

4.  Compare the importance and accuracy of oral vs. written history. Students are encouraged to collect family stories.

5.  Encourage more reading and research.

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